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Website Articles

Learn the basics of website success with these website articles and guides.

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Website Articles + Website Guides + Useful Definitions

Entia will soon be offering customers an online reference resource. This will include articles and guides on web related topics. These will be published regularly and be focused on demystifying some of the “tech-talk” that is often so readily used. The objective is to inform readers of the basics and also current trends they might not be aware of in online marketing.

This commentary will be offered on a FREE basis and we hope it becomes a reference hub that helps people understand a little more about what the internet can do for business.

This area is currently “work-in-progress” and we will be adding more information and details in the coming days and weeks.


Article titles we are working on:

  • Why web strategy?
  • Rise and Rise of the internet.
  • Where is the value online?
  • Monetising your web idea.
  • Using social networks to your advantage.
  • Where is the future for web hosting?
  • What is coming in wireless broadband – 4G
  • Motorsports and the Web
  • Where is the value in SEO?
  • Make me no.1 in Google! – OK!
  • Who is your customer?
  • Where is your business value?
  • What does your business do? – In laymens terms …
  • The power of link juice!
  • The internet: the basics no-one bothers to explain.

and definitions, such as:

  • CMS
  • SEO
  • IP
  • Domain name (inc sub-domain)
  • HTTP (S)
  • Link juice
  • Optimisation
  • Strategy
  • Marketing (inc Online marketing and Digital Marketing)

If you would like more information or need something explained in the short term, just get in touch. Alternatively, check back here next week and there should be more details.


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