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Entia Digital Marketing

This page gives you information on our definition of Digital Marketing and gives the basics of what we do.

“What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the process of creating, planning and implementing a strategy to add value and grow your business, using digital technology.

Adding value could be in growing your company brand by making more people aware of what you do, by making more people consider your products and services when making their buying choice and (of course) getting more people to purchase more from you than they did before.

Digital technology means primarily the Internet but also other digital interactive comminucation channels, such as mobile, email, banner adverts, digital outdoor bill boards, augmented reality and 3D.

Digital marketing can also be split into either push or pull techniques.

  • Push techniques are when you “push” your information in front of relevant customers. For example, emailing them with some information about your business – people get information whether they want it or not.
  • Pull techniques are when people find you and “pull” information from you. For example, a website is an example of a pull strategy – people only visit it when they want something.

In summary, by describing ourselves as digital marketeers, our focus remains helping you achieve your business objectives using all the digital options available. We therefore believe we can offer our customers much better return because we are not restricted to one part of one medium – i.e. just the Internet part of the digital technology medium.


Ok, but please tell me simply what it is you really do?

Queue the shop analogy:

OK. Think of our day job like this …

Strategy and Planning

You have a business and you are thinking of setting up a shop. We come along and help.

Together with you, we at your business strategy and your goals for the business. Then we look at what kind of shop you need (a cheap market stall or a massive department store). We also spend time planning to determine where your shop will have most success in the town, where your customers look for what you sell and what your customers will expect once they arrive.


Content creation

We create an empty shop to match your and your customer’s needs (and your budget). We contract all the necessary people to make it happen, bricklayers, electricians, carpenters, and interior designers – whatever we agree.

You then help us to stack the shelves, of your shiny new but empty shop, with all the goods and services that you wish to sell.

We help you arrange them and describe them. We then help you prioritise what to place where within your shop, so that you will sell as many as possible.


Infrastructure and Support

Your shop needs infrastructure to exist (like water, gas and electric supply). We provide all of that to you too so that all you really have to worry about is selling your stuff.

Plus, if you want, we can even provide shop keepers and staff to sell your stuff for you, talk to your customers, deal with any complaints and even deliver stuff direct to them.


Promotion and Marketing Communications

Then, we register you with all the local directory’s and put advertising in the paper so people know you are open for business.

“You build it and they will come” … (if you tell as many people as possible and if you have something people find so valuable that they will pay you money for it!)


Monitoring and Data gathering

During the next few months, while you are busy keeping up with fulfilling all your orders and selling stuff, we monitor, measure and collect data on everything to do with the performance of your shop. Every month we send you a bespoke report to summarise this performance.

With our reports, we not only analyse your shop, but we analyse and report on a selection of your key competitors shops too. We give you a lot of data on how effective their shops are so you know what you are up against. We also report on the market generally, what is happening and where the likely trends are in your industry.


Optimisation and Continual Improvement

With this data, we sit down again and review how successful (or not) the shop we built for you is being. We can then decide to modify, improve or re-invest in the shop design, features, size, location or advertising strategy, to improve your sales.

This cycle is then repeated as long and as often as you can afford, or until you are happy.


What’s your role in all this?

Really, all you have to do is provide “stuff” to sell, agree what kind of shop you want and then pay us to make it happen, sort out all the problems and make you a profit.



“Stuff” can me anything, that people pay money for – widgets, services, houses, holiday-lets, food, … you get the picture.

“A shop” can be any kind of digital medium you can imagine – company website, blog, eCommerce, brochure, microsite, iPhone app … Whatever we decide in your strategy and budget will be most effective for your business.


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