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Marketing Strategy

Entia Marketing strategy is an objective data-driven process helping customers analyse their business, customers and competition, to decide how best to move forward.

Why Marketing Strategy?

Conducting a marketing strategy analysis generates significant added value to customer businesses. Unlike an accounting audit, the strategy of how a business goes to market is rarely regularly audited. The result is that organisations, once leaders, are now getting left behind as the market moves forward. The irony being that they may not even know things have fundamentally changed until it is too late.


Entia Marketing Strategy help gets your business ahead

Entia Marketing Strategy gives your business a strategic edge.


Delivering value to customers, profitably, is essential to all successfully growing businesses. To do this effectively organisations need to be aware, not only of their internal information but also, of what is taking place out in the market.

Knowing the market means a keen awareness of:

  • customers and competitors (both direct and indirect),
  • the state of technology, and
  • the elephant in the room (the government).


Organisations with a clear strategic vision and specific goals, are most likely to succeed, in a rapidly changing market.

Entia works with customers to objectively create and implement a meaningful marketing strategy.

For businesses that do not already have their marketing strategy defined, or for those who are looking for an audit before proceeding with their next investment, Entia will help.

For a business wishing to succeed in the digital domain, a robust marketing strategy is the essential beginning of their process. How else can you judge if your marketing investment has been a success without a set of strategic goals?


Entia Marketing strategy process

Entia works through an academically rigorous process customised and developed to suit the digital market space. The process is derived from a culmination of the latest practical business knowledge, processes and theories from the MBA courses at the world renowned, Warwick Business School.

The marketing strategy service covers the following stages:

    1. Market Environment
    2. Strategic Marketing Objectives
    3. Strategic Focus
    4. Customer & Competitor Target Analysis
    5. Customer & Competitor Behavioural Analysis
    6. Differential Advantage
    7. Marketing Mix Decisions (Marketing Communications)
    8. Scheduling, Organisation and Implementation
    9. Investment, Evaluation and Control


A collaborative approach

The most successful way of developing an effective marketing strategy for a business requires a collaborative approach between Entia representatives and senior stakeholders.

Furthermore, there can be no more important activity for a business than to regularly audit their marketing strategy, to remain aware and focused on actual business objectives. Entia staff are available to support customers conducting regular Marketing Strategy reviews. We can help and support your meeting, either as an expert advisor or an impartial meeting facilitator – just ask!


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