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Website Marketing

Strategic web marketing is essential to your online success. Creating an awesome website is just the start, getting relevant customers visiting, the critical next step.

Website Marketing

Website Marketing

“Build-it and they will come … (if you tell enough people about it and have something so awesome that they’ll spend money on it!)”

Website Marketing


To deliver the objectives for any venture, we recommend that our customers promote their website using an Entia Web marketing strategy.

The initial goal for any improved website may be to increase the conversion ratio of visitors to enquiries, however, for sustained growth the website needs to attract a higher number of targeted visitors.


Website Marketing

Website marketing success is a numbers game – queue the funnel!:

Using this funnel analogy, it is clear to see that the larger the funnel opening, the higher the likelihood of generating profitable sales for your business.


Website Marketing

Web Marketing Tools

Entia uses state-of-the-art tools and techniques to help customers maximise the number of relevant visitors to their websites.

For example, the words or phrases people use when they are searching online are known as keywords. These keywords are the basis for web developers when creating websites.

What Entia is able to do differently is analyse how easy or difficult achieving success with those keywords will be and then take appropriate action.


Website Marketing

Website Marketing Promotion

Website promotion is a competitive process and normally only achieves success after a dedicated campaign lasting typically no less than 6 months.

The longer a domain name has been registered and hosting a website, reduces the time needed for success with Web Marketing activities. If a website has been established in the market for some time it is possible that there will be noticeable improvement well before 6 months.


Website Marketing

Web Marketing Activities

A final specification of what is required can be determined after Web Strategy activities are complete. A detailed plan can then be developed to implement any required changes.

The typical Entia web marketing activities would include some or all of the following:

    1. Online reputation analysis
    2. Campaign project management
    3. Search Engine Marketing (for example, Google Ad-words campaign)
    4. Targeted Link building
    5. Paid Search
    6. Email Marketing
    7. Affiliate Marketing
    8. Social Media Marketing
    9. Offline marketing (Sponsorship, Print Press, Events, PR, Media, Retail)
    10. Local and Regional web marketing

The timing for the web marketing activities will vary; the duration for each ranging from a few days to many months. In total this is usually a minimum 6 month process for maximum effectiveness.


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