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Website Optimisation by Entia

Website Optimisation

Optimising your business website with Entia is a breeze. Relentless in pursuit of success; your success is our success.

Entia Website Optimisation

Ranking well in search engines results brings you lots of free traffic from people who are looking for what you sell, but that is just the beginning …

Being able to optimise your website for a given objective is critical for its success. Entia uses different tools and techniques to conduct website optimisation, depending on your business aims. We can optimise your website for:

  • search,
  • conversions, and
  • performance (i.e. loading speed)

By combining a deep understanding of general business administration and digital technology, Entia can provide a state-of-the-art solution to businesses seeking to improve their website effectiveness.

The market is constantly changing, especially online, so it is important to stay on top of developments. Businesses (and your competitors) are constantly working to improve their performance in generating more revenue from the market.

Entia can do this for you too.


About Website Optimisation

Principally, website optimisation falls into two camps with slightly different, if linked, objectives:

  • 1. Get as many relevant visitors as possible
  • 2. Convert as many of those visitors as possible

Not everyone who is looking for the product, service or piece of information you provide, will visit your website. Furthermore, not everyone who visits your website will perform an action that is meaningful for your business i.e. buy something or enquire about something you do. Even less will do this if your website takes a long time to load up.

Therefore business owners need to drive a significant number of relevant people their fast loading website, so that they have a higher chance of converting more of them.

Luckily these ratio’s of success are measurable which means that something can be done about them. Although it is impossible to get inside a customers head to know what they think directly, it is possible to look for patterns of behaviour and then construct a predictive approximation.

Looking for customer behavioural patterns, analysing them and then using that new understanding to action change is what optimisation is all about. These patterns could be what people are searching for online or what they are doing once they get to your website.

Where Entia adds significant value to customers, is through their specialist expertise and experience of processing and interpreting website optimisation data, and translating that into focused actions and meaningful improvements.


Defining Website Optimisation

To define what kind of optimisation is required, depends on where on the marketing funnel the website is being used. Is it to build awareness, help confirm professionalism during consideration, enable direct payment or any combination of these three?

Entia Digital Marketing funnel - Awareness, Consideration, Purchase

The idea behind the funnel diagram is to represent the fact that as you move from one stage to another, the number of customers reduces. For many customers, Entia’s job is to make this funnel as large as possible, within your given market.


Web Optimisation Techniques

Specifically in terms of websites, an enormous amount of behavioural data can be collected and analysed, to a very granular level.

Entia can use a number of methods to gather data for web optimisation and improvement activities. Typical activities and tools would include:

  • Google Analytic’s set-up and analysis (e.g. visitor numbers, exit pages, bounce rate)
  • A/B Testing (trying two versions of the same page to determine effectiveness)
  • Heat maps (visual overlay showing click density to determine effective layout)
  • Keyword and search term targeting, grading and Google rank tracking
  • Link building and analysis (inbound links significantly affect your reputation and success online)
  • Competitor analysis (gather deep understanding of competitor websites)
  • Keyword difficulty analysis
  • Multivariate Analysis
  • and many more …

This process is bespoke for each customer. It is also dependant on the goals and objectives for the website. For example, we can even use this understanding to make your website impossible to find via a search engine like Google!


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