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Website Strategy (UK)

Strategic focus and expert planning are required to succeed in the online marketplace. Entia will save you money by knowing what to expect.

Entia Website Strategy UK

Web strategy compliments your business’ existing Marketing Strategy. It is the next step in the process and involves a detailed and specific analysis of the most effective way to achieve your business goals with the best digital resources currently available. Therefore, at Entia we develop website strategy fully focused on delivering you a best value for money solution.

The output of the Entia website strategy work is a clear direction, a detailed design specification for your web development and measurable targets to judge the effectiveness of your Web Marketing activities.


Why a website strategy?

The last few years has seen the emergence of the internet as the primary resource used globally by people of all ages for information, communication and purchases. One of the main benefits of a website is that it’s an interactive method of communication and furthermore, can be developed to instantly deliver targeted content to people when they are actively looking for products, services or information that you offer.


website strategy uk


As you can see from the graphic, there are now billions of websites. To get relevant customers to visit your website requires a specialist web strategy. Entia provides that specialist web strategy service, using state-of-the-art tools and resources to generate an almost overwhelming level of data, tailored to meet your specific needs.


website strategy uk

Think of a website like a physical shop …

We think of a website analogous to a shop; your website visitors are the equivalent of shop footfall; your website ‘look and feel’ is the equivalent of a shop interior layout and design; your website communication technology (email, animations, videos, live chat, contact box) the equivalent of shop staff.

Typically there are two main objectives for any shop or website;

one, to get as many people as possible to visit, and
two, to get those people to do something useful – either ask a question, purchase or leave with your key message.


website strategy

Website Strategy Conclusion

The conclusion of the Entia website strategy activity, will leave you absolutely clear on what needs to happen next and how to go about implementing it. Furthermore, as the results are driven by solid, objective data, the conclusions are absolutely robust.


website strategy uk

What’s involved in Entia web strategy

Each strategy is tailored and unique to customer needs. The following list shows the general themes and areas that are covered:

    1. Strategic planning and website objectives
    2. Existing Website review, referring to the Marketing Strategy, Visitor traffic and Website Analytics
    3. Competitive Intelligence Analysis
    4. Keyword Discovery
    5. Strategic planning and campaign objectives (Determining measures of success and KPI’s )
    6. Website Analytics Strategy and Activation
    7. Conversion Analysis
    8. Market and Competitor Intelligence Analysis


website strategy uk

Web Market Intelligence

The market is always changing and nowhere faster than on the Internet. Entia Web Strategy analysis concludes with answers that are correct for today, however, tomorrow things will be quite different.

Luckily, Entia can extract all the key intelligence and produce for you a regular report. This intelligence analysis contains all the data elements of the Web Strategy, to support Web Marketing and Marketing Strategy goals analysis tracking.


Web strategy sound relevant to your business? It should …


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